SexyMS MapleStory Private Server

April 12, 2011 kinu Maple Story Private Server

SexyMS Private Server

We are back in actions as SexyMS our previous server was KyraMS we are now revamped and stabled and much better!!

SexyMS Server Rates:

  • Exp: 1337X
  • Meso: 1337X
  • Drop:3X

SexyMS v83 MapleStory Private Server – BEST PVP SYSTEM

  • Unlimited Buff
  • @help, @npcs, @shop
  • Arans & KOC
  • Super Rebirths & Rebirths
  • Custom Commands, Custom NPCS, Custom All In One Shop, Custom Currency System, Custom Max Stat Item NPCS!, Custom Tutorial Island, Custom Starter Pack, [Custom Website/Forums
  • Daily Events
  • Skill Maxer
  • Fast Mob & FM Bosses
  • Donator Shop + Map + Commands
  • Multi Level!
  • Custom Vote System
  • Client Hack

SexyMS v83 MapleStory Private Server Official Home Page

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