AuraSea Maple Story Private Server

April 12, 2011 kinu Maple Story Private Server


AuraSEA is one of the best, and most updated MapleSEA Private servers. Hosted in the Netherlands, configured to point where you feel as if it were on Steroids!
The best community around.. Our server is customized for having a fun, enjoyable laid back game for when you really need it, although we do believe in maintaining our MSEA like status for those who love low rates but not so low that you need to spent hours grinding just to gain 1 level, our Party quests will keep you occupied most of the time, hunting for items, Making weapons with our Weapon maker skill! Need to go out for a bit and still want to gain some money in game for that lovely over powered Weapon?! You can with the fishing system, away from keyboard and gain some mighty fine chaos scrolls, much more in store for you in our World, full of glistening Aura’s.

Be sure to use @help when you get in game !

Our Rates:

  • Exp :: 25x
  • Meso :: 25x
  • Drop :: 5xA

AuraSea Official Home Page

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